If one had to explain how The Republic of Somalia can emerge from the ashes of war in three simple words, they would be: peace, diplomacy and education.

Somalia's contemporary history is clouded with cycles of political violenceand economic deterioration, yetcountered with periods of political and economic upheaval. Though foreign occupation, dictatorship and continued environmental decay impact the nation's public I am optimistic. The depiction of Somalia'sYouth as victims only perpetuates the status quo.

These challenges could be reversed with the right leadership that can engage Somalis in a new strategic direction that includes peace, diplomacy, and education. These initiatives must both start and end with Somali's Youth, which makes up 45% of the population (ages 1-14).

Peace constantly occupies my mind, as well as the minds of many Somalis everywhere.

I once went out of my way to help a young brother in need. A few days later, he came back to me, and told me he wanted to do some blessings for me. As a Muslim, I believe in the power of blessings or "dua" in Arabic. What kind of blessings would you like me to ask God for you? he proposed. For a moment, I thought about what he said e and calmly replied: "Peace in Somalia ".. in mylifetime.

If you have confidence in the future, you can endure hardship in the present. I have a degree of confidence that the youth of Somalia will work for peace., This confidence sustains my optimism, despite the despicable plight of ournation.

There is a calling to the youth of Somalia, one that requires a different action - a genuine peace-making action. For the sake of the nation, the question is: will your generation answer this urgent call?

Every generation is expected to contribute and leave a legacy in this world. Our Somali history teaches us that our forefathers answered the calls of their generation to establish what the world sees now as modern Somalia. They wore the uniform in defense of our country against multiple adversaries, and gave up their own wants, needs and desires for an indispensable gain.Somalia as a nation is now in danger of disappearing from the world stage. What is the solution? And could the youth of Somaliaexercise enough diplomacy to be the solution?

There must be a new approach, with cautious diplomatic engagement throughout the international community. Local diplomatic action is also vital for bridging the gap between Somalis, regardless of their political factions or tribal affiliations.Islamist militant, insurgent and paramilitary groups such as Al-Shabaab, Hizbul Islam or Ahlu Sunna Waljama, are designed to further divide and frustrate people, and to weaken the Somali people's aspirations to regain their nationalidentity.

I believe that the solution to Somalia's problems will not come from the United Nations or any other foreign entities; it will come from the enlightened and the educated Somali Youth! You need to stop the bickering over stupidity, and see the big picture. The big picture is about nation-building, and coalescing around a strong institution, leaving a legacy that outlasts many more generations tocome.

The Somali Youth League (SYL), formed in 1943, is a prime example of the necessary steps towards unity.The SYL's objectives were to unify all Somalis and create opportunities through education, while developing the Somali language, and safeguarding the nation's - and the people's - interests. We live in a different world today, and you have many more tools at your disposal than the concentrated efforts of the pastThe SYL understood the power of diversity within the team, and they ensured that major clans were represented as they established constituencies of friendship and trust between Somalis. They valued education as a national asset, and strived to create an educated society inSomalia.

In the current Somali crisis, I see education as the best weapon, not the Russian-made AK-47s that are killing our young men, women and children. The more we educate the people, the less they will be inclined to participate in wastefulinfighting.

The United States did not rise to superpower status solely because of it use of weapons. Instead, they used public education as tools to compete againsttheir adversaries, and won. Similarly, the SYL did not resort to violence. Instead they used their brain power to solve major problems. They understood what was at stake and used the power of the pen in order to reach theirobjectives.

First and foremost, this peace-making commitment must be led by the political will of a visionary leader; A presidentwho wants to leave a legacy of an enduring peaceful and prosperous Somalia. You, the Youth of Somalia must promote the bestin you, your intellectual capabilities and your thirst for knowledge, to the highest office in the land, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his cabinetmembers.

It is my hope that you, the Somali Youth, respond to your generation's calling and understand that this call requires a different action. As you learn from the past, you need to devise your own solution to the challenges of our time, and establish a commanding position that outlasts many more generations tocome.

There is an African proverb that says, "Peace is costly, but it is worth theexpense".

Your generation's calling is not to wish for peace, but to start working toward creating a peaceful Somalia for you, and for those who are yetunborn

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